We are a “well tuned” team, in which we like to make ourselves heard, but we like to listen much more. Listen among us, but also to others, whether they are at Intermezzo or not. We are passionate about learning and evolving; be professional but laugh; be rigorous, but have fun. We like people and music. We make music with people.

Jon Plazaola

General Manager

Lide Agirrezabala


Estefanía Álvarez

Inspector of groups

Miguel Ángel Arqued

Musical Department Manager

Esther del Mazo

Inspector of groups

Carlos Delgado

Oviedo Coordinator

Inés González

Inspector of groups

Amaia Imaz


Adriana Limousin

Production Department

Iñigo Plazaola

General Coordinator

Ana Rosa Munilla

Administration Department Manager

Itxaso Otaegui

Directora Madrid

Itziar Peñagaricano

Production and Administration

Mertxe Sánchez

Production Department

Mercè Soler

Inspector of groups

Maria Plazaola

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cristina Montero


Pablo Moras

Director Chorus Oviedo

Ella Esipovich

Pianist Chorus Oviedo

“Music can change de world, because it can change people”

Bono – U2